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Who is the Skiddle Diddler?

Club-hopping Zara Morrissey is one of the best private investigators in the decaying metropolis of Boronia Park. Having seen and heard everything, she is no longer shocked by the horrors and savagery of life. However this coolness fades when her younger sister Una, an innocent nursing student, is found brutally murdered.

What’s even stranger: the gory circumstances of Una’s death align perfectly with the recent murders of three heiresses from Boronia’s wealthiest families. Without time to spare, Zara plunges into a desperate, maddening search around the city for the killer. However, the more she learns about the decadent high society her sister was connected to, the more she realizes that nothing is ever as it seems.



Before the little apeman can find out, he is zapped away to the far future. Now he has to figure out how to get home. Will he find a way…or will he be stuck in this strange land of robots forever?


After meeting in a nightclub brawl, a black wizard school dropout and a human drifter join forces to stop an evil sorcerer from mass-marketing his dark magic.




Blues for the Babes is a raw and reflective portrait of life in a strange, new century. From digital romance and sexual fluidity to scammers and social media influencers, this pop poetry collection captures the vast voices, spirits, and emotions that define contemporary American culture.



In 1690s Massachusetts, as many are accused and hanged for witchcraft, 17-year-old Leah Sabin embarks on an affair with Caleb Mather, the charismatic minister of her small village.



A spellbinding collection of 8 original fairy tales combines bedtime majesty with a modern pop edge, reimagining the 21st century as a magical, fantastical place in which miracles still happen.



Set in the dead of summer at a historic black vacation village, the novel follows the intense yet brief love affair between two college students on the cusp of adulthood


Marsalis was born in 1989.  He spent his childhood composing picture epics and giving lectures. At the age of 17, he published his first novel, March of the Libertines, and found refuge in club-hopping.  After graduating cum laude from the University of Michigan, Marsalis published works in every literary style and genre.